Safely Keep and Share Your Standardised Electronic Invoices

eBin Cloud services seamlessly integrate with an existing enterprise system  to allow the creation, storage and exchange of standardised electronic invoices between companies and their partners.

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E-Invoicing Management

eBin Cloud’s search facility allows a large number of invoices to be displayed and filtered according to different criteria such as invoice number, invoice date, buyer or seller details and amount. Each invoice can be viewed and downloaded in its original electronic format or in PDF.

There are a number of business services (accessible via APIs) to validate, convert, send/receive and archive invoices according to user needs. These services can be used from any enterprise information system (ERP). 

Single birds-eye view for an unlimited number of invoices
Download and visualise your invoices and invoice data
Robust criteria to instantly find the invoice you want


All invoices are securely stored on the cloud for the duration required by relevant regulations.  Access to these invoices is enabled via highly secure Internet protocols and personalised access.  Summary information can be created and downloaded in accordance with the relevant regulations.


Built using elastic cloud design principles, eBin Cloud can process any number of invoices as resources can be added on demand.  The solution also can be operated and maintained over longer periods of time without any specific infrastructure.


eBin Cloud is built using SaaS principles and does not require any software to be installed locally. eBin Cloud has a flexible and intuitive Web user interface which can adapt to devices through simple menus and widgets in multiple languages.


eBin runs on top of Amazon's Elastic Container Service  (ECS) which means that it can run on any type of server configuration and can scale up to handle any number of documents. The elasticity feature means that resources are highly available and can be increased on demand.


At present, eBin Cloud supports the recent European Committee for Standardization CEN's eInvoicing standard EN 16931-1:2017 and has successfully passed GS1 France's qualification process. The United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business UN/CEFACT EDIFACT e-invoicing standards are also supported. In addition, it supports the Forum National de la Facture Electronique (FNFE) Factur-X's standard recommendations for usage in France and Germany. In 2021 we have become an OpenPEPPOL member and are now working towards becoming a certified access point.

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Partners File

eBin Cloud allows a partner database to be configured with different profiles and invoice validation criteria. It is also possible to export a partners file in accordance with regulation requirements.

Summary List

eBin Cloud allows the control of invoicing communication flows, checking and accessing individual invoices and the creation of summary lists in response to audit requests.

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